Sea Kayaking

What does it include?

On the water, we will teach various paddling strokes and interpretation of Malpeque Bay , (Skills such as forward and backward stroke, draw and sweep stroke). Malpeque Bay has a wealth of history through the change of the century. First Nation Native’s settlement, Acadian farmland, British Shipwrecks, Shipbuilding Site, Home of the famous Malpeque Oyster, International Migratory Site with birds nesting on the islands (double crested cormorant, osprey, heron, bald eagle, gulls, kingfisher, swallow, piping-plover, geese, duck and other various songbirds) have been spotted here.

At Malpeque Bay Kayak Tours, we use Necky Single and Double Kayaks.

A reservation is required for all tours and rentals

* all prices are tax-free

Tours – Kayak and equipment included

2.5 hours – $55CAD*
9:30am-12:00pm; or
1:00pm-3:30pm (weather permitting)

Customized group tours – contact for pricing


1 hour – $30CAD*
1-3 hours – $40CAD*



1 hour private lesson – $50CAD*


1 hour – $30CAD* (experienced paddlers only)
2 hours – $40CAD* (beginner lesson included)

Lessons will begin with a review of equipment usage, user technique, and safety skills. On the water, we will teach various paddling strokes and variations in stances. A guide of what to expect in the lessons are shown in the video below.

*all prices are tax-free